Monday, February 6, 2012

Wearing My Husband's Shirt Is Sexy!

I was watching YouTube videos this morning and I happened to click into this tutorial video on how to make a man's shirt into a dress. I thought it is smart and cute. Of course my curiosity is calling me to get my husband's dress shirt and try it on. Now I don't have to worry what to wear on valentines day LOL. I am not sure if I could wear it as a dress, but as a top is not a problem. All I have to do is accessorize it with belts for a pop of color. Anyway, have a wonderful week everyone!

Make Dress From Men's Shirt Tutorial


  1. oh my goodness! this is awesome! i am notorious for changing things and wearing a clothing item different from it's original intentions...and this just tops the cake for me! i love it, and it's looks super cute on you! i'm definitely going to try this