Friday, February 24, 2012

Throw Pillow Envelope Case

Last night my husband and I were hungry for Chinese food. As we were driving around looking for a Chinese restaurant that we haven't been before, we spotted a barbeque place instead - and not only that, right next to it is a kid's resale shop AND on the other side is a fabric store! How cool is that? 3 store in 1 parking lot! So after we ate our dinner, we went straight to the kid's shop and bought a couple summer dresses for my daughter and then my husband decided to stay in the car with our daughter as I look around in the fabric store. He knows that I will be stuck there in another hour bweheheh. (well it only took me 30 mins this time). Of course, I went straight to the clearance section and found some nice fashion fabrics and a lot of remnant upholstery fabrics that are on sale from 50%-75% off. I got a yard of upholstery fabric that I decided to make a case for our throw pillow, something for a change of look. The fabric only cost me $3 and I made three pillow cases out of it. Savings~love it!

I chose to make an envelope case so I can easily take it off and wash it in case it get stain or something.

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