Wednesday, May 2, 2012

My First Upholstery Project: Sofa Set Cushion Covers

I am very much excited to make this post today because so far this is the biggest project I have ever done in my entire "sewing life" LOL> I do not have some sort of training or class about upholstery but I was brave enough to accept the challenge when my father in-law asked me if I could make a new cover for his rattan sofa set that he bought in used condition. The original fabric was still in good shape but it's too feminine for him because of its floral prints. So right before I left to the Philippines in March to visit my family, my father in-law and I went to the fabric store to pick up his choice of fabric (which he is aiming for the tropical theme) and all the stuff I needed so that when I come back in STL everything is ready! Oh by the way, he decided to buy his own sewing machine too so he could get a head start with the piping...and he did a great job for a first timer. Well he told me about the troubles he had until he figure out that there is nothing wrong with the new machine that he bought. <bweheheh> I can totally understand that because I have done that to my mom's sewing machine when I was a kid. Don't even ask me how many needles I broke already. <wink>

Anyways, the whole project was easy. At first, I was confuse on how to take the right measurements and how to make the pattern to make it look exactly as the original with all the pleats and curves. So to make things easy for me, I decided to ripped the old covers into pieces and used it as my pattern. Easy! I also reused the zippers since they are still in good shape. I think if I was working it straight everyday I would have finished this project in 5 days. But, it's really hard to do some sewing when you have a toddler running around the house, pulling your strings and stuff.

Another thing...doing this sewing project lately has been really helpful in terms of keeping my mind away from things that aren't good to think helps me get my focus on other things and actually it makes me happier everytime I see my finished product. I am just thankful to God for giving me this eagerness to learn and explore this skills. It means a lot to me...because hearing the sound of the sewing machine makes me feel like my Mama is just right next to me.

So, here it is...

BEFORE: Photo was taken at the resale store


The zipper side

The new covered love seat

The new covered chair with a different fabric for arm rest cushions.

The new covered sofa with a solid red fabric for side cushions.