Saturday, January 28, 2012

Altered Thrifty Blouse


chopped off the sleeves

Finally, my first post for the year 2012! I haven't done any sewing lately because of so many things...and one of the reason is because I don't have any fabric to sew. Yesterday my husband and I went grocery shopping and since we were close to my favorite thrift store, I asked him if I could check it out for a few minutes. So he dropped me off and him and my daughter were waiting outside. Of course, it took me an hour inside (bweheheheh) So I was browsing the store and I found this huge long sleeve top with a beautiful feminine color and flowing fabric...and not only that, it's only 99cents! I just grab it from the hanger and went straight to the counter. I really believe that some people's trash is other people's treasure.

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