Sunday, June 3, 2012

My 50cents DIY Springy Kitchen Curtain

Hello Spring!!! I noticed that my kitchen curtain has never changed since the day we moved in this apartment. So since I have been so "hyper" lately, I decided that it's about to change the curtain AND I gotta make one! Yes because I am so cheap and I love to sew! *heheh* I found this white sheets from a yard sale for 50 cents and the green printed fabric was from the remaining fabric for my friend's bathroom curtain that I made for her. It is also a bed sheets that she bought from a yard sale. So yep, we saved a lot! AND oh, I also planted some Aloe Vera that I got from my father in-law. I think I am getting addicted to planting now...hmmm, another hobby?

let's get started...
my 50 cents kitchen curtain
I just went to use the bathroom and then there she is...

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