Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Long Sleeve Barong & High Neck Ruffled Top

My friend just got her US citizenship and on her oath taking she wanted to wear something that represent her born country which is the Philippines. She had a hard time looking for a "filipiniana" outfit so I suggested that we will make a "Barong" which is the national costume for the male in our country. But nowadays, women do wear barong on top of a body fitted dress in different colors. Barong is made of a sheer fabric and the most elegant material they use is made from the pineapple (I forgot the name of the fabric) and they usually put some detailing around the  button area. So it was a challenge for me to make one since I've never done something with sleeves before. Not only that, sewing a glittery organza fabric is kinda tricky! But I am so proud of myself that I did it right...I guess? LOL Anyway, my friend told me that somebody complimented her barong and even wanted to buy it from her. Yay! I was also wearing the blue high neck ruffled top that I made which is one of my favorites. I love printed chiffon because they look so feminine...they make me feel like a real natural woman! ok that's a song LOL

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